Zakat Nisab Calculator for 2024

This is a zakat nisab calculator, which calculate zakat nisab for any country and for any year

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. Calculating Nisab for zakat is easy; Islam clearly mentions that every Muslim, whether a woman or a man, will pay zakat if their total wealth exceeds the Zakat threshold. If your total wealth exceeds the zakat Nisab, then you have to pay 2.5% of it.

For user convenience, we have a simple Zakat Nisab calculator. We call it simple because you just need to enter the per gram silver price in your respective country. Simply search on Google for the (per gram silver price today). or you have ask google bard to tell the current silver price in your respective country

Once you find out the silver price per gram, enter the price in the given Zakat Nisab calculator, click the calculate button, and the calculator will determine the total nisab for your respective country.

We cannot directly provide the exact nisab because there are fluctuations in gold and silver prices. Therefore, we use silver as the standard to calculate the nisab. In Islam, it is 612.36 grams of silver, which is the threshold to pay zakat. If your total wealth exceeds the total value of 612.36 grams of silver, Then you have to pay zakat And congratulations, you are fulfilling the fifth order of Allah, which is also called the fifth pillar of Islam.

Zakat Nisab Calculator enter per gram silver price

How the Zakat Nisab calculator works?

The Zakat Nisab calculator operates based on a simple rule. As mentioned earlier, we use silver as the standard to calculate the Zakat Nisab. In the above calculator, when the user enters the per-gram silver price in their respective countries, the calculator multiplies the per-gram silver price by 612.36 to provide the Zakat Nisab for the most current date.

How to calculate zakat nisab for today

Calculating Zakat Nisab is straightforward. Choose your standard for Nisab calculation, such as gold or silver. Once you’ve decided on the standard, find the price per gram—for example, if the silver price per gram is $2. Multiply this amount by the respective threshold: 87.48 grams for gold or 612.36 grams for silver. Congratulations, you’ve determined the Nisab.

Silver prices as of to Jan 2024

Country 1g Silver Price
Saudi Arabia SAR 2.729
Pakistan PKR 227
UAE AED 2.672
India ₹ 60.5
Malaysia RM 3.45
Qatar QAR 2.654
Maldives MVR 11.31
Bahrain BHD 0.2737
Canada CAD 0.979
Bangladesh BDT 79.9
Egypt EGP 22.75
Indonesia IDR 11,606.28
USA USD 0.727
South Africa ZAR 13.8
Oman OMR 0.28
Nigeria NGN ₦648.24

Enter the Silver price in the below calculator, then compare the total amount with your wealth. If it is below the total wealth you have, then you are not eligible for zakat. If it exceeds the total wealth you have, then you must pay zakat which is 2.5% of your total wealth. Updated as of jan 2024

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