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Angular Acceleration Calculator

About angular acceleration calculator

Introducing the Angular Acceleration Calculator:

Our Angular Acceleration Calculator is a valuable online tool designed to simplify the calculation of angular acceleration in rotational motion. Whether you’re a student, engineer, or enthusiast, our calculator provides an efficient way to determine angular acceleration based on various input parameters. Let’s explore the calculator’s functionality and the formulas it employs to calculate angular acceleration.

Calculating Angular Acceleration:

The calculator offers different formulas to calculate angular acceleration based on the available input parameters:

  1. Angular Acceleration Formula:
    • Formula: α = (ω – ω₀) / t
    • Description: This formula calculates the angular acceleration (α) by subtracting the initial angular velocity (ω₀) from the final angular velocity (ω) and dividing the result by the time (t) taken for the change.
  2. Angular Acceleration Formula with Radius:
    • Formula: α = (ω – ω₀) / t = (v/r – v₀/r₀) / t
    • Description: In cases where linear velocity (v) and radius (r) are known, this formula incorporates the linear velocity divided by the radius to calculate angular acceleration.
  3. Constant Angular Acceleration Formula:
    • Formula: α = Δω / Δt
    • Description: When the angular velocity changes uniformly over time, this formula calculates angular acceleration (α) by dividing the change in angular velocity (Δω) by the change in time (Δt).
  4. Instantaneous Angular Acceleration Calculator:
    • Description: For instantaneous angular acceleration calculations, please provide the appropriate values in the input fields for initial angular velocity (ω₀), final angular velocity (ω), and time (t).

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