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Are you a problem-solver with a knack for sharing solutions? Look no further than Y2Calculate – the go-to platform for problem-solving tools. We welcome guest posts from individuals across all niches, empowering you to showcase your expertise and contribute to our diverse community.

How to Contribute:

  1. Craft Your Guest Post:
    Dive into any niche related to problem-solving and compose an article with a minimum of 500 words. Our emphasis is on human-written, plagiarism-free content that adds value.
  2. Submit to y2calculate@gmail.com:
    Once your masterpiece is ready, send it over to y2calculate@gmail.com for prompt review. Our team is dedicated to providing instant approvals, ensuring your content reaches our audience swiftly.
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    Elevate your article by adding one external link strongly tied to the anchor text. This allows you to share valuable resources with our readers.
  4. Quality Over Charges:
    At Y2Calculate, we prioritize quality content. There are no charges for submission – your articles are published based on their merit.
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    We understand the importance of time. Our review process typically takes 1-2 days, offering you a hassle-free and efficient experience.
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    There’s no limit to your contributions. Feel free to submit as many articles as you’d like, embracing the diversity of perspectives within our community.
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    Become a part of a dynamic community at Y2Calculate.com dedicated to problem-solving. Your voice matters, and we’re here to amplify it.
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    Step into the world of Y2Calculate and share your expertise. Write, solve, and let your creativity flow as you contribute to making knowledge accessible to everyone.

Choose Your Topic

If you have your own topic than well and good if not choose your topic from the given options. once choose the topic, try to do your own research to make a difference, Your article will be publish immediately if it gives value to user. To see the format of articles/calculator on our site you can see given two options,

Cubic Feet to Square Feet Calculator

Chamfer Diameter Calculator

As you can see there are calculators, but you don’t to write code for calculator, just do your own research and write everything about the what can you write. we don’t care about the minimum of maximum words. We only value content which are high quality and solve user problem

If you love to write about education, You can start from chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. you can see four example in each category.

TDEE calculator to lose weight

Electron Energy Calculator

Cubic Feet to Square Feet Calculator

what you need to write about the topic

  • Formula with variables defined for us to make tool on page. if you are unable to write formula in google doc, just write it on simple page, take a picture and attach to email.
  • Table and graphs if possible
  • some information which you think user must know
  • write 4-7 FAQs about the topic
  • You can place a link to other source which should be relevant to topic.

use the following Google sheet for topic selection