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Imran khan

Meet Imran Khan, a leading figure in Pakistan's construction material supply sector. With three well-equipped warehouses, he specializes in providing top-quality steel, marble, crush, cement, and bricks. Imran goes beyond business as usual by voluntarily updating the latest material prices on Y2Calculate, demonstrating his commitment to transparency in the industry. As a go-to supplier, Imran's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction sets him apart, making him a trusted name in the construction business. Reach out Imran khan for any kind of construction material assistance at Imrankhan@y2calculate.com

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Jane, a Ph.D. graduate from Bryn Mawr College, is currently an assistant professor at Indiana University Bloomington. Beyond her academic pursuits, she is a passionate writer contributing to magazines and digital media. Jane's adept critical thinking has been instrumental in solving diverse problems, showcasing her commitment to both academia and public discourse. If you wish to get in touch with Jane, feel free to contact her at jane@y2calculate.com.

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Dr. Syed Hamid Habib

Dr. Syed Hamid Habib, an accomplished academician with an MBBS and a Ph.D. from the University of Glasgow, UK, serves as an Associate Professor at IBMS, KMU. With over seven years of teaching experience, he specializes in Neurophysiology, guiding MPhil and Ph.D. scholars in their research projects. His expertise extends to clinical neurophysiology, particularly in projects related to Diabetic Neuropathy, cognitive assessments in diabetic patients, and neurofeedback interventions for children with Autism. As an active contributor to curriculum development and a Chief Editor of the Advances in Basic Medical Sciences journal, Dr. Habib showcases a commitment to both academic and research excellence, making significant strides in advancing medical knowledge. Reach out Hamid at Hamid@y2calculate

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Jangir khan

Jangir Khan, Ph.D. in Chemistry since 2020, is a multifaceted individual whose passion for both science and writing has shaped a unique professional journey. As a seasoned writer contributing to various magazines and digital media platforms, Jangir combines the precision of a chemist with the artistry of words. Currently, Jangir holds the role of a dedicated content writer and contributes significantly to the field of chemistry tools at y2calculate.com. His expertise in both chemistry and content creation reflects a commitment to bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and accessible, engaging communication. With a dynamic blend of academic excellence and creative flair, Jangir Khan continues to make valuable contributions to the world of science and writing. Reach out Jangir khan at Jangir@y2calculate.com

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Jonathan Bancroft

Jonathan Bancroft is a seasoned finance expert at y2calculate.com. With a passion for problem-solving, he crafts innovative tools that simplify complex financial scenarios. Jonathan's dedication to precision and his knack for creating user-friendly solutions make him a valuable asset in the world of finance. Reach out Jonathan at Jonathan@y2calculate.com

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Madison is a versatile author and accomplished researcher with a Ph.D. in her field. Her expertise extends into the digital realm, where she passionately contributes to y2calculate.com. Madison's dedication revolves around crafting innovative online tools and calculators that cater to a wide range of general needs. Reach our Madison at Madison@y2calculate.com

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Marcelino is an accomplished IT and SEO expert with a wealth of experience dating back to 2010. Specializing in web development and web application design, Marcelino has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of the evolving digital landscape. Currently employed at y2calculate for the past 7 months, he has contributed significantly to the company's technological advancements. Reach out Marcelino at M@y2calculate.com

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Maya Bennett

Maya Bennett, Ph.D., is a biologist and prolific writer hailing from the renowned University of California, Berkeley. With a passion for unraveling the secrets of the natural world, Maya seamlessly blends her scientific expertise with a love for writing. Having contributed to various magazines and digital platforms, she excels in making complex concepts accessible to diverse audiences. Currently, she lends her skills to Y2Calculate.com, Reach Maya Bennett at Maya@y2calculate.com

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Ryan Mason

Meet Ryan Mason, our versatile pricing expert at Y2Calculate.com. Hailing from the USA, Ryan specializes in updating material prices across various industries on our platform. His meticulous attention to detail and market insight ensures that you receive accurate and timely information. Trust Ryan to navigate the complexities of different sectors, making Y2Calculate.com your go-to resource for up-to-date pricing across industries. If you have any query, reach out Ryan Mason at Ryan@y2calculate.com

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Bike Catalogue

Meet Mason, the charismatic creator behind "The Bike Catalogue." With an unwavering passion for all things cycling, Mason brings a unique blend of enthusiasm and expertise to his videos. As a dedicated contributor to y2calculate.com, he dives deep into the world of bikes, offering insightful calculations and comprehensive guides. Reach out Mason At bc@y2calculate.com