Percent Composition Calculator

Percent Composition Calculator

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Published: February 21, 2024

Bond Order Formula

The formula to calculate Percent Composition of Element X (\(PC\)) is:

\[ PC = \left( \frac{\text{Mass of Element X}}{\text{Molar Mass of Compound}} \right) \times 100 \]


  • \(PC\): Percent Composition of Element X
  • \(\text{Mass of Element X}\): The mass of the specific element in the compound
  • \(\text{Molar Mass of Compound}\): The total molar mass of the compound

Consider the compound water (\(H_2O\)). To find the percent composition of hydrogen (\(H\)):


Using the Percent Composition formula:

\[ PC = \left( \frac{2 \times 1.008}{18.016} \right) \times 100 \approx 11.19\% \]

Therefore, in water, approximately 11.19% of the mass comes from hydrogen.

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