Bond Order Calculator

Bond Order Calculator

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Published: February 21, 2024

Bond Order Formula

The formula to calculate the Bond Order (\(BO\)) is:

\[ BO = \frac{{\text{NBE} - \text{NABE}}}{2} \]


  • \( BO \) is the Bond Order,
  • \( \text{Number of Bonding Electrons} \) is the count of bonding electrons, and
  • \( \text{Number of Anti-bonding Electrons} \) is the count of anti-bonding electrons.

Calculate the Bond Order (\(BO\)) for a molecule with \(6\) bonding electrons and \(2\) anti-bonding electrons.


Using the Bond Order formula:

\[ BO = \frac{{6 - 2}}{2} \]

Therefore, the Bond Order (\(BO\)) is the result of the calculation.

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