Ballistic Coefficient Calculator

Ballistic Coefficient Calculator

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Published: February 22, 2024

Ballistic Coefficient formula

The formula to calculate Ballistic Coefficient (\(B\)) given the projectile mass (\(m\)), drag coefficient (\(C\)), and area (\(A\)) is:

\[ B = \frac{m}{{C \times A}} \]

Variable Definitions:

  • \( B \) - Ballistic Coefficient (kg/m²)
  • \( m \) - Projectile Mass (kg)
  • \( C \) - Drag Coefficient
  • \( A \) - Projectile Area (m²)

Find the Ballistic Coefficient (\(B\)) for a projectile with a mass (\(m\)) of 0.02 kg, drag coefficient (\(C\)) of 0.3, and area (\(A\)) of 0.001 m².


Using the Ballistic Coefficient formula:

\[ B = \frac{0.02}{{0.3 \times 0.001}} \]

Therefore, the Ballistic Coefficient is \( \approx 66.67 \, \text{kg/m²} \).

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  1. You really nilled it bruh, everything is so clear and easy to understand, the calculator is easy to navigate

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