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FPS Per Dollar Calculator

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How to use FPS per dollar calculator

Welcome to the FPS Per Second Calculator! Enter the overall FPS and total price in the second label, then click the “Calculate” button. The tool will determine the cost-effectiveness of the hardware. Additionally, you can switch between currencies for more fun.

If you bought any computer hardware and want to check its cost-effectiveness than checkout our fps per dollar calculator

How to calculate fps per dollar with formula and ecample

The formula to calculate FPS Per Dollar (\(FPSD\)) is:

\[ FPSD = \frac{Frames\:Per\:Second}{Price} \]


  • \(FPSD\): Frames Per Second Per Dollar (Cost-effectiveness of hardware)
  • \(Frames\:Per\:Second\): The total number of frames rendered per second
  • \(Price\): The cost of the hardware

Calculate the FPS Per Dollar (\(FPSD\)) for a scenario where 60 frames are rendered per second, and the hardware costs $300.


Using the FPS Per Dollar formula:

\[ FPSD = \frac{60}{300} = 0.2 \]

Therefore, the FPS Per Dollar (\(FPSD\)) for this scenario is 0.2 FPS/$.

What is fps per dollar mean?

FPS per dollar is a metric used to estimate the cost-effectiveness of computer hardware. Let’s say we purchase hardware with a frame rate of 1000 FPS (frames per second) and a price of 0. To calculate FPS per dollar, divide the FPS by its price, resulting in 10 FPS per dollar.

On the other hand, if we acquire hardware with a frame rate of 1000 FPS and an overall price of , calculating FPS per dollar involves dividing the FPS by its price, resulting in 20 FPS per dollar.

In the above two scenarios, the hardware with a higher FPS per dollar is more cost-effective as it provides more frames per dollar.


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