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quota attainment calculator

Target Sales Attainment Calculator

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How to use Quota Attainment Calculator?

Welcome to the Quota Attainment Calculator! This tool will help you determine how much of your target sales you have achieved. Enter the total sales you have made within a specific time period and the number of target sales for that duration. Then, click the calculate button. The Quota Attainment Calculator will display your quota attainment as a percentage.

How to calculate Quota Attainment in percentage?

The formula to calculate Quota Attainment (\(QA\)) is:

\[ QA = \left( \frac{\text{Actual Sales}}{\text{Target Sales}} \right) \times 100 \]


  • \(QA\): Quota Attainment Percentage
  • \(\text{Actual Sales}\): The total sales achieved
  • \(\text{Target Sales}\): The targeted sales amount

Consider a person named John. His actual sales are $800, and his target sales are $1000. Calculate John's Quota Attainment.


Using the Quota Attainment formula:

\[ QA = \left( \frac{800}{1000} \right) \times 100 = 80\% \]

Therefore, John has achieved 80% of his target sales.

what is Quota Attainment

Quota Attainment is a metric used to estimate one’s sales target percentage. It serves as an indicator that indicates how close a salesperson or a company is to the target sales within a specific duration of time. Let’s consider Y2Calculate, an online software company, with a monthly sales target of 10,000. However, due to certain reasons, they only achieved 9,500 sales. To calculate the quota attainment, divide the total sales by the target sales, resulting in a 95% quota attainment. This means Y2Calculate has achieved 95% of their sales target. use our quota attainment percentage calculator for quick calculation.

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