Full Price Calculator

Full Price Calculator

Full Price Calculator

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Published: February 2, 2024 → Last Updated: February 5, 2024

How to use full price calculator

Enter the net price of the product and the government tax rate on it, click the calculate button and it will show the full price, additionally, you can switch between different currencies for more fun.

How to calculate success rate percentage

The formulas to calculate the tax amount (\(TA\)) and full price after tax (\(FP\)) are:

\[ TA = \frac{\text{Net Price} \times \text{Tax Rate}}{100} \] \[ FP = \text{Net Price} + TA \]


  • \(TA\): Tax Amount
  • \(FP\): Full Price after Tax
  • \(\text{Net Price}\): The original price before tax
  • \(\text{Tax Rate}\): The percentage of tax to be applied

Find the full price after tax (\(FP\)) for a net price of $100 and a tax rate of 10%.


Using the full price calculator formulas:

\[ TA = \frac{100 \times 10}{100} = 10 \] \[ FP = 100 + 10 = 110 \]

Therefore, the full price after tax is $110.

What is full price of a product?

Full price of a product refer to to the total price of the product including the net price and tax rate on it. The full price calculator is used in big markets, and restaurants to calculate whether the total price is calculated right or wrong. 

there will be a net price on the product and a tax rate on it. calculating the full price may be a little tough in this case, we have made a full price calculator tool for it, which can calculate the full price.

just enter the net price in the above calculator and the gov tax rate in % on the product, click the calculate button

How to calculate full price from discount?

The formula to calculate the full price (\(FP\)) from an original price (\(OP\)) and discount percentage (\(DP\)) is:

\[ FP = OP - (OP \times \frac{DP}{100}) \]


  • \(FP\): Full Price
  • \(OP\): Original Price
  • \(DP\): Discount Percentage

Calculate the full price (\(FP\)) for an original price of $100 with a discount percentage of 20%.


Using the discount calculation formula:

\[ FP = 100 - (100 \times \frac{20}{100}) = 80 \]

Therefore, the full price after a 20% discount is $80.

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