2 Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator

2-Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator

The calculation in the provided code for the 2-resistor voltage divider calculator is generally correct for calculating the output voltage based on the input voltage and the values of two resistors in a voltage divider circuit. The formula used is:

Output Voltage (Vout) = Input Voltage (Vin) * (R2 / (R1 + R2))


  • “Input Voltage (Vin)” is the voltage applied to the divider.
  • “R1” is the resistance of the first resistor.
  • “R2” is the resistance of the second resistor.

The code allows users to input values for these parameters and select their desired units (volts, millivolts, microvolts, ohms, milliohms, microohms). It then correctly calculates and displays the output voltage.

However, it’s essential to ensure that you enter the correct values for input voltage, resistor 1, and resistor 2 based on the specific electrical circuit you are working with. Additionally, make sure that the selected units match the magnitude of your values (e.g., volts, millivolts, microvolts for voltage, and ohms, milliohms, microohms for resistance).

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