3 Phase Cable Size Calculator

3-Phase Cable Size Calculator

The calculation in the code is based on the formula for calculating cable size in a 3-phase system. It is generally correct for determining the recommended cable size based on the given voltage and current.

The formula used is:

Cable Size (mm²) = Current (A) / (1.732 * Voltage (V) * 0.8)


  • “Current” is the current in amperes (A).
  • “Voltage” is the voltage in volts (V).

This formula calculates the cable size in square millimeters (mm²) required for a 3-phase system. The factor 1.732 accounts for the square root of 3 (the square root of 3 is used because it’s a 3-phase system), and the factor 0.8 accounts for an assumed power factor.

So, if you enter valid values for voltage and current, the code will correctly calculate the recommended cable size in square millimeters. However, it’s important to ensure that you input the correct values for voltage and current based on your specific electrical system requirements.

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