potentiometer voltage divider calculator

Potentiometer Voltage Divider Calculator

the Potentiometer Voltage Divider Calculator is correct. It calculates the output voltage based on the input voltage, total resistance, and the wiper position in a potentiometer voltage divider circuit. The formula used is:

Output Voltage (Vout) = Input Voltage (Vin) * (Wiper Position / 100)


  • “Input Voltage (Vin)” is the voltage applied to the potentiometer.
  • “Wiper Position” is the position of the wiper as a percentage (0% to 100%).

The code takes these values as input, validates them, and then calculates and displays the output voltage. It ensures that the wiper position is within the valid range (0% to 100%) and that all values are positive and numeric.

So, yes, the calculation in this code is correct for a potentiometer voltage divider circuit.

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