Ballast Calculator (Also Calculate Wickes Ballast)

Ballast calculator

Ballast Calculator

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Published: October 8, 2023 → Last Updated: February 4, 2024

Calculate how much ballast you needed

Welcome to the ballast calculator. Ballast is an important component in any kind of construction, There are different types of ballast, The ballast can be gravel, small stone, or sand, to calculate ballast for any construction project is essential before we start the project.  To make one’s life easier we have a built ballast calculator, This calculator is made by Wickes Ltd, a renowned construction material company in the UK. 

To calculate ballast for any kind of construction first, we need to select the types of ballast, once we select the ballast type, we should know its density, The following are three types of ballast with their densities.

  • Stone: 2500 kg/m³
  • Gravel: 1800 kg/m³
  • Sand: 1500 kg/m³

As we know the ballast density, Further to find the exact ballast needed for our project, we need to calculate the volume of the area. Let’s suppose we have a volume with a length of 1 meter, a width of 2 feet, and height or depth of 10 cm than the ballast required will be

  • Stone: 152.40 kg (0.15 tons)
  • Gravel: 109.73 kg (0.11 tons)
  • Sand: 91.44 kg (0.09 tons)

Formula for calculating ballast

The formula for calculating the ballast weight is:

\[ \text{Weight} = \text{Volume} \times \text{Density of Material} \]

Where Volume is calculated as:

\[ \text{Volume} = \text{Length} \times \text{Width} \times \text{Depth} \]
wickes ballast calculator

How to use ballast calculator

  1. Enter Dimensions:

    • Input the length in the first input box.
    • Choose the unit of measurement for length from the corresponding dropdown (cm, inch, feet, meter).
    • Repeat the process for width and depth.
  2. Select Ballast Material:

    • Choose the desired ballast material from the last dropdown (Stone, Gravel, Sand).
  3. Calculate:

    • Click the “Calculate” button, and the script will compute the required ballast based on the entered dimensions and material.
  4. View Result:

    • The result will be displayed below the button, indicating the amount of ballast needed in kilograms and tons.

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