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Success Percentage Calculator

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Enter the total number of successful attempts and the number of trials. After clicking the calculate button, the result will display the success rate as a percentage.

How to calculate success rate percentage

The formula to calculate the success percentage (\(SP\)) given the number of successes (\(S\)) and total number of trials (\(T\)) is:

\[ SP = \left( \frac{S}{T} \right) \times 100 \]


  • \(SP\): Success Percentage
  • \(S\): Number of Successes
  • \(T\): Total Number of Trials

Find the success percentage (\(SP\)) for \(10\) successes out of \(20\) total trials.


Using the success percentage formula:

\[ SP = \left( \frac{10}{20} \right) \times 100 = 50\% \]

Therefore, the success percentage is \(50\%\).

what is success rate or percentage

Success rate or percentage is a measure of successful outcomes in relation to the total number of given attempts or trials. It is expressed as a percentage to provide a standardized representation of the success level. Use our success rate calculator to find the success percentage.


What is success rate?

Success rate refers to the proportion of successful outcomes or achievements in relation to the total number of attempts, trials, or occurrences. It is often expressed as a percentage.

How do you calculate the percentage of success?

The percentage of success is calculated using the following formula:

Success Percentage=(Successes/ Trials)×100

In this formula, “Number of Successes” represents the count of positive outcomes or events, and “Total Number of Trials” refers to the overall attempts, trials, or occurrences. Multiplying the ratio by 100 converts it into a percentage, providing a quantifiable measure of success.

What is success probability?

Success probability is the chance of achieving a successful outcome in a particular situation. It is expressed as a decimal or percentage, with 0 indicating no probability of success and 1 or 100% indicating a full success rate.

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