Sales Per Hour Calculator

Sales per hour calculator , also profit margin calculator

Sales Per Hour Calculator

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Sales per hour calculator

Enter total sales and the number of hours you worked. Afterward, click the calculate button, and the calculator will show the number of sales per hour. Additionally, if you want to determine the total profit earned from sales, simply enter the margin per sale in percentage, click the calculate button, and it will display the number of sales per hour along with the total profit. You can also customize your desired currency for more fun.

How to calculate sales per hour

The formula to calculate the sales per hour (\(SPH\)) given the total sales (\(TS\)) and hours worked (\(HW\)) is:

\[ SPH = \frac{TS}{HW} \]


  • \(SPH\): Sales Per Hour
  • \(TS\): Total sales
  • \(HW\): Hours worked

Find the sales per hour (\(SPH\)) for total sales (\(TS\)) of $1000 and hours worked (\(HW\)) of 5 hours.


Using the sales per hour formula:

\[ SPH = \frac{1000}{5} = 200 \text{ dollars per hour} \]

Therefore, the sales per hour is $200.

What is sale per hour?

Sales per hour (SPH) is a performance metric used to measure the average amount of sales generated in one hour. It is calculated by dividing the total sales by the number of hours worked. Find sales per hour using our sale per hour calculatorĀ 


How is sales per hour calculated?

To calculate sales per hour, the total sales generated and divided by the number of hours worked. This metric provides a measure of the average sales performance within each hour of your working time.

What does sales per hour mean?

Sales per hour mean the average number of salesĀ  generated in a single hour of all time, it is an important measure as it tells us the productivity and efficiency of our work

What does revenue per hour mean?

Revenue per hour is the same as sales per hour,Ā  as we divide the total sales amount by the number of hours we get the sale per hour or revenue per hour. so both are same

What is the relation between sales and labor hour?

Labor hours mean the number of hours we work, so by dividing the total profit, and revenue of sales by total hours we get profit per hour, revenue per hour and sales per hour

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