Safe Working Load Calculator

Safe Working Load (SWL) Calculator

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How to use safe working load calculator?

To calculate safe working load calculator enter the minimum breaking strength of the material you are using, the safety factor (The safety factor is a numerical factor applied to the design load or the material strength of a structure or component to ensure a margin of safety). click the calculate button, hence you have calculated the safe working load,

safe working load formula with examples

The formula to calculate Safe Working Load (\(SWL\)) given the Minimum Breaking Strength (\(MBS\)) and Safety Factor (\(SF\)) is:

\[ SWL = \frac{MBS}{SF} \]

Calculate the Safe Working Load (\(SWL\)) for a structure with a Minimum Breaking Strength (\(MBS\)) of \(50,000\) pounds and a Safety Factor (\(SF\)) of \(3\).


Using the Safe Working Load formula:

\[ SWL = \frac{50,000}{3} = 16,666.67 \text{ pounds} \]

Therefore, the Safe Working Load is \(16,666.67\) pounds.

What is safe working load?

Safe Working Load (SWL) is the maximum weight or load that a structure or piece of equipment can safely handle during regular use.¬†The factors it takes into account are the¬†strength of materials and safety factor, ensuring that the structure operates within a safe range to prevent failures or accidents. Think of it as a weight limit that ensures everything stays secure and doesn’t break under normal conditions. the safe working load is used in¬†Lifting Equipment,¬†Shipping and Transportation,¬†Cranes, and in¬† Rigging Operations

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