Friendship Calculator – Best Friend Calculator

It is a best friend calculator which determine who is your best friend. friendship calculator is used as fun tool. true friendship is beyond of any calculation

Friendship Calculator

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You may have many friends and of course do have a best friend in them. the friendship calculator is not being made to assist you find your best friendship score, instead it is made for fun. You should not consider the score as real but take it as fun.

calculating friendship score is beyond any calculator or estimator, You should take care of your friend whatever the situation be like. Always give your friend a positive vibe, as in this way you will feel increasing you friendship score as a strong bond between you and your friend.

Now as you have know that the friendship estimator is only made for fun, so we can talk about it, the calculator have some labels and options for uploading the images, remember you are not uploading your images to our database, instead it is just a temporary image keeper made by HTML. simply write your name and your best friend name, upload a picture of your and your best friend, click on the calculate button and you will find your score.

Remember once you upload your images and click on the calculate button, the result will not be change on subsequent clicking, it will only be changed once you re-upload the image or refresh the page.

The friendship calculator is so design that it will always show a greater friendship score, as there is no friendship score in the world which is below 100% but It depends on individual that how your take your friendship throughout your life.

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