Atoms to grams calculator

Atoms to Grams Calculator

Atoms to Grams Calculator

The formula to calculate the mass (\(m\)) of atoms given the number of atoms (\(n\)) and the average atomic mass (\(M\)) is:

\[ m = \frac{n \times M}{6.0221408 \times 10^{23}} \]

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Atom to gram converter

Atom to gram conversion can sometime be a little complicated, because converting a single atom or a group of atom directly into gram can be challenging. But with the help of special tools such as atom to gram converter , you can do this hard task very easily. You have to just enter number of atoms you want to convert into gram and the average atomic mass of that atom, if you are not sure of average atomic mass of the atom, make sure to find it here or you can directly Google the average atomic mass of the atom of molecule.

Formula to convert atom to gram

The formula to convert atoms to grams is:

\[ \text{Mass (g)} = \frac{\text{Number of Atoms}}{\text{Avogadro's Number}} \times \text{Molar Mass (g/mol)} \]

Convert 100,000 atoms with a molar mass of 32 g/mol to grams.


Using the conversion formula:

\[ \text{Mass (g)} \approx \frac{100,000 \times 32}{6.022 \times 10^{23}} \] \[ \text{Mass (g)} \approx 5.32 \times 10^{-18} \text{ grams} \]

Therefore, 100,000 atoms with a molar mass of 32 g/mol is approximately 5.32 × 10^(-18) grams.

how to convert atom to gram?

How to Convert Atom to Gram?

  1. Determine the Molar Mass: Find the molar mass of the substance in grams per mole (g/mol). This information is typically available on the periodic table.
  2. Count the Number of Atoms: Determine the number of atoms you have.
  3. Use Avogadro's Number: Utilize Avogadro's number, which is approximately \(6.022 \times 10^{23}\) atoms/mol. This represents the number of atoms in one mole of a substance.
  4. Apply the Conversion Formula: Use the formula:
  5. \[ \text{Mass (g)} = \left( \frac{\text{Number of Atoms}}{\text{Avogadro’s Number}} \right) \times \text{Molar Mass} \]

    Substitute the values into the formula and calculate.

  6. Example: Suppose you have \(2 \times 10^{24}\) atoms of carbon (C). The molar mass of carbon is approximately \(12 \, \text{g/mol}.\)
  7. Mass (g) = \(\left( \frac{2 \times 10^{24}}{6.022 \times 10^{23}} \right) \times 12 \, \text{g/mol}.\)

    Mass (g) ≈ 39.77 g

    So, \(2 \times 10^{24}\) atoms of carbon is approximately 39.77 grams.

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