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Mg/Hr to Ml/Hr Calculator

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Mg/Hr to Ml/Hr Conversion Formula

The formula to convert rates from milligrams per hour (( text{Mg/Hr} )) to milliliters per hour (( text{Ml/Hr} )) is:

[ text{Ml/Hr} = frac{text{Mg/Hr}}{text{Density (Mg/Ml)}} ]

Find the equivalent rate in milliliters per hour (( text{Ml/Hr} )) for a rate in milligrams per hour (( text{Mg/Hr} )) of 50 and a density of 2 (text{Mg/Ml}).


Using the Mg/Hr to Ml/Hr conversion formula:

[ text{Ml/Hr} = frac{50}{2} = 25 ]

Therefore, the equivalent rate is 25 milliliters per hour (( text{Ml/Hr} )).

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