Knurling Diameter Calculator

Knurling Diameter Calculator

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How to calculate knurling diameter

You can calculate Knurling diameter both as manual and automatic with tools like ours. If you want to calculate the Knurling diameter by yourself than use the given formula 


To calculate the Knurling Diameter, use the following formula:

Knurl Diameter = Pitch Diameter + 2 × Knurl Depth

– Knurl Diameter: The overall diameter of the knurled feature.
– Pitch Diameter: The diameter at the midpoint of the knurled feature.
– Knurl Depth: The depth of the knurled pattern on the material.

Ensure that both the Pitch Diameter and Knurl Depth are expressed in the same units (e.g., millimeters).

How to use Knurling diameter calculator?

Using Knurling diameter calculator is easy just enter the Pitch diameter in (mm) in ist field and Knurl depth (mm in 2nd field. The calculator will calculate the Knurling diameter based on the given formula.

Knurl Diameter=Pitch Diameter+2×Knurl Depth

what is Pitch Diameter and Knurl Depth?

Pitch Diameter: The pitch diameter in knurling refers to the diameter at the midpoint of the knurled feature on the material. It is the theoretical diameter around which the knurled pattern is formed. In practical terms, the pitch diameter is where the peaks of the knurled pattern meet the valleys, and it represents the central axis of the knurled feature.

Knurl Depth: Knurl depth is the measurement of how deeply the knurled pattern is impressed into the material’s surface. It is the distance from the peaks of the knurled pattern to the original surface of the material. Knurl depth is a critical parameter as it influences the gripping or aesthetic characteristics of the knurled surface.

# Finding Pitch Diameter:
1. Measure the outer diameter of the knurled feature.
2. Measure the inner diameter of the knurled feature.
3. Calculate the Pitch Diameter:
Pitch Diameter = (Outer Diameter + Inner Diameter) / 2

# Finding Knurl Depth:
1. Measure the original surface height of the material.
2. Measure the depth of the valleys in the knurled pattern.
3. Calculate the Knurl Depth:
Knurl Depth = Original Surface Height – Valley Depth

Ensure all measurements are in the same units (e.g., millimeters) for accuracy. Use precision measuring tools like calipers.

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