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What is GSM (Gram per square meter)

GSM, or grams per square meter, is a crucial metric in determining the weight of paper and finds application in various industries like paperboard, corrugated boxes, and solid fiberboard. The use of testing instruments such as a paper GSM tester becomes essential for accurate measurements. This equipment, including a digital GSM balance, proves valuable for businesses relying on paper products for promotions, aiding in the assessment of size, shape, thickness, and weight.

How to use Kg to GSM calculators

As you can see, we have created three different calculators on a single web page, providing users with a 3-in-1 combo. We’ve observed that users often look for paper Kg to GSM conversion, and when they finally land on the page, it is primarily designed for general purposes. If they have basic knowledge, they understand that they’ve arrived at the wrong place for their specific needs. However, if they lack knowledge about KG to GSM conversion, they may be unintentionally misled by incorrect calculations. But don’t worry.

At Y2 Calculate, we saw this gap and jumped into the field to fill this gap to give users the best experience and correct calculations. Before going into the explanation of the above three calculators, you should know the above Kg to GSM calculators are made for different purposes. Let’s discuss one by one where and how we can use them. If you already got an idea about these calculators and their purposes, you can jump directly to the formulas which will be used in different scenarios, click here to see all the Kg to GSM formulas.

General Kg to GSM calculator

If you are dealing with large objects, such as big sheets or square-shaped materials, and you want to determine the grams per square meter mass but find no way to calculate it, this calculator is for you. Just enter the total mass of the object and its total area, then click the calculate button. It will display the GSM in the results.

Kg to gsm conversion for papers

If you are dealing with lighter objects like paper, then a kg to gsm paper calculator is suitable for you. First, ensure you have a scale to provide precise and accurate weight. You can use a paper GSM tester to determine the weight and thickness of the paper. Once you have found the weight in grams, measure the square area in cm². Enter all the data into the kg to gsm calculator and click the calculate button. The result will be displayed as the GSM of the paper, indicating the grams per square meter mass of that paper.

You may observe that by entering the same kind of data in the Kg to GSM general calculator and the paper calculator, the result comes out to be the same. However, there should be no confusion here. In the GSM general calculator, we use larger units like kilograms and square meters, while in the GSM paper calculator, we use smaller units.

Fabric GSM calculator

To calculate the GSM (Grams per Square Meter) of fabric, you can follow a straightforward formula. First, determine the fabric weight, usually provided in ounces per yard by the fabric supplier or measured using a fabric scale. Second, ascertain the fabric density, given in grams per cubic meter. Once these values are known, apply the formula: GSM equals the product of fabric weight (in ounces per yard) multiplied by 33.906, divided by the fabric density (in grams per cubic meter). Utilize a calculator to perform the calculation, and the resulting value represents the Grams per Square Meter (GSM) of the fabric.

Formula to convert Kg to GSM

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General Kg to GSM Calculator Formula

The formula for calculating GSM in the general case is:

\[ \text{GSM} = \frac{\text{Weight (kg)} \times 1000}{\text{Area (m}^2\text{)}} \]


  • \(\text{GSM}\): Grams per Square Meter
  • \(\text{Weight (kg)}\): Weight of the material in kilograms
  • \(\text{Area (m}^2\text{)}\): Area of the material in square meters

Example: Suppose the weight is 2 kg and the area is 1.5 m². Calculate the GSM.


Using the General Kg to GSM Calculator formula:

\[ \text{GSM} = \frac{2 \times 1000}{1.5} = 1333.33 \, \text{g/m}^2 \]

Therefore, the GSM is 1333.33 g/m².

Paper GSM Calculator Formula

The formula for calculating GSM for paper is:

\[ \text{GSM} = \frac{\text{Paper Weight (g)}}{\text{Paper Area (m}^2\text{)}} \]


  • \(\text{GSM}\): Grams per Square Meter
  • \(\text{Paper Weight (g)}\): Weight of the paper in grams
  • \(\text{Paper Area (m}^2\text{)}\): Area of the paper in square meters

Example: Suppose the paper weight is 120 g and the paper area is 0.5 m². Calculate the GSM.


Using the Paper GSM Calculator formula:

\[ \text{GSM} = \frac{120}{0.5} = 240 \, \text{g/m}^2 \]

Therefore, the GSM for the paper is 240 g/m².

Fabric GSM Calculator Formula

The formula for calculating GSM for fabric is:

\[ \text{GSM} = \frac{\text{Fabric Basis Weight (oz/yd)}}{\text{Fabric Density (g/m}^3\text{)}} \]


  • \(\text{GSM}\): Grams per Square Meter
  • \(\text{Fabric Basis Weight (oz/yd)}\): Basis weight of the fabric in ounces per yard
  • \(\text{Fabric Density (g/m}^3\text{)}\): Density of the fabric in grams per cubic meter

Example: Suppose the fabric basis weight is 8 oz/yd and the fabric density is 1.5 g/m³. Calculate the GSM.


Using the Fabric GSM Calculator formula:

\[ \text{GSM} = \frac{8}{1.5} = 5.33 \, \text{oz/yd or} \, 186 \, \text{g/m}^2 \]

Therefore, the GSM for the fabric is 5.33 oz/yd or 186 g/m².

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