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Published: December 25, 2023 → Last Updated: January 23, 2024

Gold Ring price calculator

Got a gold ring? Curious what it’s worth? Forget fancy experts and confusing numbers! Our super easy gold ring calculator is here to help!

Just answer a the wright of your ring ! You’ll get a good idea of what it’s worth, plain and simple. No stress, no guessing, just clear answers so you can know for sure.

Gold prices in different countries as of today

  • As of today, December 25, 2023, here are the gold prices per gram in the countries you requested:

    CountryGold Price (per gram)Currency
    Germany€30.79EUR (same as France due to the eurozone)
    South AfricaR1,111ZAR

    Please note:

    • These are spot prices, which represent the current market price for gold bullion. The actual price you pay for gold may be higher or lower due to several factors, such as:
      • Retailer markups: Retailers often add a markup on top of the spot price.
      • Taxes and import duties: Some countries have taxes and import duties on gold, which can affect the final price.
      • Form of gold: The price can vary depending on whether you’re buying gold bullion, jewelry, or other forms.

    Here are some resources where you can track live gold prices and get further information on buying and selling gold in these countries:

    I hope this information is helpful!

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