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Coil Diameter Calculator

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How to Use the Coil Diameter Calculator:

To utilize the Coil Diameter Calculator effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Input the coil length in millimeters, along with the number of turns and wire diameter.
  2. Select the appropriate measurement units for coil length and wire diameter from the dropdown options (e.g., millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, or meters).
  3. Click the “Calculate Coil Diameter” button.
  4. The calculator will provide the accurate coil diameter measurement in millimeters as a result.

Formula to calculate Coil diameter

The coil diameter is calculated using the formula:

\[ CD = \frac{CL}{N} - WD \]


  • \( CD \) is the coil diameter.
  • \( CL \) is the coil length.
  • \( N \) is the number of turns.
  • \( WD \) is the wire diameter.


Given a coil with a length (\(CL\)) of 200 millimeters, 8 turns (\(N\)), and a wire diameter (\(WD\)) of 5 millimeters, what is the coil diameter (\(CD\))? Use the Coil Diameter Calculator formula.


The coil diameter (\(CD\)) is calculated using the formula:

\[ CD = \frac{CL}{N} - WD \]

Substituting the given values:

\[ CD = \frac{200}{8} - 5 = 20 - 5 = 15 \text{ millimeters} \]

Therefore, the coil diameter is 15 millimeters.

What is Coil Diameter:

The coil diameter refers to the measurement across the circular cross-section of a coil, often expressed in millimeters (mm). It represents the distance from one side of the coil to the opposite side, passing through the center. The Coil Diameter Calculator is a tool designed to compute this value based on inputs such as coil length, number of turns, and wire diameter.

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