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Welcome to the CCF to Gallons Conversion tool, or you can say centum cubic feet to gallons calculator. Have you ever thought of knowing the amount of water you used in your home instead of in CCF units? If yes, then this calculator will save you time and effort. It is an easy CCF to gallon conversion tool. Just enter the CCF mentioned on your water bill and press the calculate button.

What is CCF?

CCF: Stands for “centum cubic feet,” where “centum” is Latin for “hundred.” Therefore, one CCF represents 100 cubic feet of water.

How to use CCF to gallons calculator

You may be thinking that converting CCF to gallons will be a headache and will need a lot of math and algebraic work. But it is not true. In fact, we made this calculation very easy for you.

Just enter the amount of CCF you want to convert to gallons. Press the calculate button, and the calculator will immediately calculate the gallons. Sounds easy!

But wait a minute, you can also convert gallons to CCF.

Now, let’s take an example. Suppose you received your office or home water bill, and it mentions the water usage in CCF as 24 CCF, but you want to know the amount of water in gallons. Just come to this CCF to gallons page, enter 24 in the tool above, and you will get 17,952 gallons of water.

Not all the time will you be looking for CCF to gallons, but you may also wonder about gallons to CCF. Don’t worry! Come back to this page, select “Gallons to CCF,” and see the results.

Formula to convert CCF to Gallons

Now that you have a clear idea of how to use CCF to gallons conversion tool, lets talk about the formula used in the above calclator.

CCF to Gallons 


CCF to gallon conversion can be done with help of the following formula, where you need to multiply the amount of water with a constant conversion factor as given below

Gallons to CCF 


The same formula is used to conversion gallon to CCF, But in this case we need to divide the number of gallons of conversion factor as given below,

Why do we need to convert CCF to Gallon

Converting CCF (hundred cubic feet) to gallons is often necessary for several reasons:

  1. Understanding Usage: Most people are more familiar with gallons than CCF. Converting to gallons makes it easier to comprehend the amount of water being used.

  2. Billing Clarity: Utility bills may list water usage in CCF, but understanding the cost per gallon can help you better manage your budget and identify ways to reduce usage and save money.

  3. Conservation Efforts: Knowing your water usage in gallons can help you implement conservation measures more effectively, as many water-saving tips and devices are rated in gallons.

  4. Appliance Efficiency: Household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines have water usage listed in gallons. Converting CCF to gallons allows you to compare your total water usage with the consumption of individual appliances.

  5. Garden and Landscaping: If you’re watering your garden or lawn, understanding how many gallons are used can help you plan your watering schedule more efficiently.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: Some local regulations and rebate programs require water usage to be reported in gallons.

  7. Environmental Impact: Understanding your water usage in gallons can help you be more mindful of your environmental footprint and encourage sustainable water use practices.

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